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Are you realistic with yourself when it comes to your health goals? 

All the information out there today can be so overwhelming.  Health professionals are constantly giving new advice and guidelines, telling you what you need to be doing only to find that it doesn't work for you?  How are you suppose to know what to believe, or try, or even where to start?  I've been there, I was there for years, sometimes I find myself there again but I now know what to do to get myself back on track and that's what I can help you with.

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30-Minute Power Session

 Need a little kick in the butt or just a some motivation to keep you on track or to get you on track?  Then this is exactly what you need!   Pick a topic in one area of your life, where you really want to focus and we will tackle it head on.  You will leave the session focused, refreshed and prepared to tackle any B.S. life tries to derail you with. 

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  • "When talking about personal training with my bff...  My day with Victoria is Thursdays.  She is mother confessor and makes me address all my issues... nutritional, emotional, physical... bad ass life coach!!" ~ Cheryl ~

  •  "Victoria is disciplined. She finds and does the things that work and tries to stick to them. But, isn't overly strict with herself and family, because she is practical and realistic." ~ Jacqueline ~ 

  • Victoria is always professional and made every effort to try to accommodate my schedule.  She is great at getting me out of a plateau and then giving me tools that I can bring out of the gym with minimal equipment.  Book in advance because she is so good it will be hard to get in demand slots." ~ Amy ~

  • I’ve lost 8lbs and have made a firm commitment to find time to take care of myself.  I’ve been using the strategies of food journaling and writing down the “3 things to do and compliments” each day.  This was a crucial step for me to progress with my health goals and I’m so grateful to you for sharing it with me.  ~ Kim ~

  • "I welcomed and appreciated Victoria's help.  It is difficult to change if not open to new ways. I like mostly her approach, which is: if you want to change the outside one needs to focus on the inside. Not just what we put inside our bodies, i.e. foods, but also where we are mentally. In some cases, our values are not in line with our goals due to obstacles life has placed before us. Victoria is willing to work on the obstacles, like a life coach. I found her advice very encouraging." ~ Jackie ~


Dieting is not so black and white...

There are so many factors that contribute to your personal health.  Lifestyle, diet, exercise, home environment, work environment, relationships, genetic make-up and even just your age.   Yet we always seem to just focus on our physical body when life begins to feel a little out of our control or unmanageable.  What we really need to do is learn to look past our physical body and explore our environment.  Sometimes the answer is as easy as getting more sleep or water, other times it could be a relationship or job struggle.  Figuring out the source of a problem and what tools you need to support you in fixing it are key to achieving physical and mental wellbeing. 

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