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If you are looking for ACCOUNTABILITY, want to make new FRIENDS and have a built in SUPPORT system to keep you MOTIVATED small group training (SGT) is PERFECT for you! 





Camaraderie. Motivation. Support.  

Dr. Kenneth Sekine, a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology (ACOG) and board certified obstetrician, describes training for labor as one would train for an athletic activity.  Labor and delivery demand the hardest work most women's body will ever endure, and proper exercise and training will provide you with the best possible preparation for this beautiful experience.


Exercise alone does not ensure a complication free labor and delivery, however, training prior to and during pregnancy enhances strengthened endurance needed while contributing to a quicker recovery.


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What to Expect

Workouts are held in the privacy of my home gym.  We kick things off with a dynamic warm up and a personal health, nutrition & well-being check-in.  Then we turn up the heat using cardio resistance training.  I provide guidance on proper form, modifications & motivation to keep you pumped up till the end! We wrap the session up with stretches and roll into the rest of the day feeling amazing!


Each exercise is demonstrated and modifications are provided for all levels, from beginner to advanced fitness. With proper form and strategically planned workouts, powerful results follow!  Bring water, a towel and a desire for change!



Class are $15 each

When you buy 11 classes you get one FREE!  

That works out to 1 month of private training for ONLY $165!!


Monday: 10 AM

Wednesday: 10 AM

Friday: 10 AM



These are weekly classes held for mamas of ALL fitness levels in my personal gym on James Island right off the connector.


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***ONLY 4 Slots Per Class to ensure that each person is getting proper attention and guidance from me as your trainer.***

**Drop-In Daycare is something that can be provided based on need.  Please contact me for more information.**

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